Who Are We?

We are a company born and bred in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. Our roots into the hunting world started in 1996, when Robert King created a company dedicated in making hunting apparel and gear better. Working with the very best guides and hunters in the West for over 21 years, we have become a benchmark on quality and innovation.

How Are We Different?

Everyone else, makes us different. Monster Camo is "Hunt Ready" gear. In the racing world, drivers never use a stock machine to win a race, they need to make it "Race Ready" by installing the best aftermarket parts in the world. We infuse the best "aftermarket" parts in the world to make our hunting gear ready for the abuse of off road hunting.

How Do We Compare?

Plain and simple, we don't. We started from the ground up using the world's finest materials and accessories in building our gear. Our gear will wick water better, last longer, hold up to the elements and be more comfortable than any other brand in the world, period. Don't believe us? Dare to compare and find out for yourself why we don't bow to anyone. We create the path for others to follow.

Why The Green?

If you are asking this question, then we succeeded in what we were after. To be different. To stand out from the crowd. We want to stand out from humans, but disappear to ungulates. Animals don't see color the same as people do and you might be surprised at how many people take a double take when they see you. Move the slider to the left to see for yourself.

Customer Service As It Should Be

Never feel like a number with Monster Camo. Our customers are the single most important part of our business. It might be old fashioned to treat people with respect in our digital world, but our mission statement is clear. "We believe that how you treat a customer is the single most important part of any business relationship. Our customers become part of the Monster Camo family. We got your back. We take care of you. As much as we want to be known for our innovative technology and cool designs, it’s our relationships we have with our customers that stands at the top."


you will have to settle for the ordinary

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