No worries here. Simple as a phone call, an email or live chat in letting us know.  We will in turn, send you out (typically the same day) a corrected size, along with a pre paid postage label.  Once you receive your replacement, simply put the old one in the box, put the label on it and send it back.  This is a unique way of doing business that we pride ourselves in.  We know that ordering online can be scary at times and risky, but we want to eliminate this worry and get you back out in the field as quickly as possible.

Our warranty is very straightforward, yet unique.  If you see our “Hunting Guarantee”, that means our products are not only guaranteed for the life of the product (mechanical failures) but if you tear, rip, cut, damage any of our gear during the course of the hunting season (defined as 90 days) you can get a full replacement of damaged product (yes, even if it’s your own fault) shipped 100% free back to you. How is that for covering you?  Imagine, you accidently ruin a new pair of pants, 89 days into the season by climbing over a barb wired fence and when you come home, you contact us and we ship you a new pair just like that! You can see more here.

We pride ourselves in bringing not only world-class hunting gear to you, but also world-class customer service.  Our model is unique in several ways.

  • We offer free shipping all day every day no minimums.  
  • We offer free shipping internationally (everywhere outside the United States) for orders over $199.  
  • We offer free size exchanges back and forth.  If you ordered the wrong size or just want a different size, we immediately ship you a replacement, along with a pre paid shipping label.  You first receive the correct size, and then you ship back to us with a pre paid postage label, the wrong size.  
  • Our direct to consumer model ensures that you are getting 100% support from the actual company that makes the product.  When you communicate with us, you are communicating with the actual people that make the product.  No middleman, no miss informed salesman, no inexperienced customer service.  Only real people customer support.

We have been in the hunting industry since 1996.  Robert King started the company King’s Outdoor World (now known as King’s Camo) in 1996 and created some of the most well known camo patterns on the market at the time.  He also created the very popular King’s Calendars, as they become known.  He sold the apparel portion of the business off in and around 2009 and concentrated on his signature calendars and started development of what is now known as Monster Camo.  After a brief return to his original company in 2013-2016, he left for good and started Monster Innovations LLC, which owns the Monster Camo brand of clothing and the Monster Calendars. 

We set out to create the very best hunting gear for the best price. We are not the cheapest nor are we the most expensive.  However, our quality is second to none. We encourage you to experience the difference.  With decades of hunting experience, we have come to know what items work and what items don’t.  If you think another brand is “better”, we will take that challenge any day.  That is why we back up our products with our signature guarantee.  If you don’t like it, simply return it. Not just today, but any day you feel that you are not wearing the very best on the market; we’ll take it back.

Water will wick away from our clothing more than any other product you have ever seen. It’s truly revolutionary the way our clothing keeps water off.  Most water wicking products have what is called a DWR, which stands for Durable Water Repellant. It is a sprayed on outer layer of a chemical that doesn’t stand up to much use.  After a few washes, it more than likely has stopped working.   Monster Camo’s water wicking ability is constructed within the fibers, which greatly restrains water from penetrating.  Our product keeps wicking water away even after continual washing and wear. Note: Water wicking is different than waterproof.  You can see it here.

Blood-Tex™ is our own trademark stain protection process that all but eliminates the stains mostly caused by blood. Blood-Tex™ is an innovative textile protective technology that has revolutionized the hunting clothing market. Excellent protection not only from blood stains, but also repels the deep penetration of mud and other natural elements.  Throw your clothing in the wash, and they come out looking new again.  Blood-Tex™ is air permeable and remains breathable and is toxic-free and environmentally friendly. You can see more here.

Only if you paint it with glow-in-the-dark paint. The green trims are part of  what separates us from them. The green does not affect your concealment at all. People see colors differently than animals do.  The most important part of concealment is not to have any solid blotches. Solid blocks are not part of  most aspects of nature.  Many believe that if they wear a pair of brown or earth tone solid pants they will blend in. They may blend in better to the human eyes, but not to the animal’s eyes.  Our green actually has a pattern created within and that is what helps keep you concealed. Remember, no solid clothing of any kind, regardless of color. It’s the breakup that matters most.  If you are hunting in solid snow, then solid white is very adequate for the surroundings. 

We wanted to make sure we stood out from the crowd.  The green is completely non existent in the eyes of most game animals and is seen the same way as the color of trees and bushes. The color they see is more of a gray scale, or muted down color. We as humans see it just fine, but big game animals don’t look at colors the same way we do. They would see it the same as if we made it grayscale instead of green.

No.  King’s Camo (King’s Outdoor World) was founded and created by Robert King in 1996.  He sold off the camouflage portion of the business several years ago and kept creating his signature calendars. He then started work on an entirely new camo and product design in and around 2011.  That company is now Monster Camo. There is absolutely no correlation between the two companies, other than the fact they both were created by Robert King.

We are not in any retail stores by design.  We are here to create a very specialized experience to each and every one of our customers.  This is something that is 100% impossible by having our gear in hundreds of locations.  We believe the future of buying products is directly on-line which enables us to have total control over our products and the customer service we demand.  This does not mean we will never be in any stores. If we can incorporate our program into a retail experience, you will see our products in select retail locations.  

With almost two decades of creating and making camouflage patterns, we have realized that creating lots of patterns is not very beneficial for normal hunting conditions.  We know that some people like different shades or colors for certain times of the year, but we have put in a considerable amount of time in detecting the widest and most correct color pallet for 95% of those conditions.  Of course hunting in snow conditions falls into that 5%, but we believe that our pattern is unique in not just the coloration, but also the pattern itself.  Spring summer fall, doesn’t matter, we can conceal you. 

We don’t specifically make big and talls, but we have created our apparel to fit the widest range we can.  If you are over six feet tall, you will be pleased to know that all of our pants have what we call a +2, which means, we have an extra 2-inches of pre-sewn hem that you can easily let out to give you extra length.  We also have certain items that would work better for larger people or tall individuals.  Simply contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

We do plan on making this happen in the future.  Stay tuned for more.

At the time, we have no intention of making an exclusive line of women’s clothing.  We will probably make some specific items in the future, but not in the near future.

Yes we certainly do.  Click here for more info.

Yes we certainly do.  Click here for more info.

After being in the industry for over two decades, there has been a lot of evolution along the way. The most intense infusion of camo designs has come about in the last 5-7 years.  Even to the well-trained eye, all of the patterns were becoming seemingly the same.  The designs were all becoming the same. The slogans were becoming all the same.  Everyone was all of a sudden an expert in the field of hunting apparel and design.  Leaders never follow.  Most humans have the “herd mentality”, which is people go where everyone else is going regardless of the outcome.  This is why you see so much of the same products on the market.  Digital patterns.  Four letter company names with dual meanings. Kudos for the companies that did these first, but no kudos for the companies that simply followed in their footsteps. We intend to break trail. Be innovative not only in products, but in product design.  Many people feel more comfortable following in someone else’s path. It’s safer.  Less risk. But if you are the adventurous type like us, we welcome you to be a part of Monster Camo.  See more here.