Too Much Money Dude

It Costs How Much?

“Yes Siree Jim-Bob, that will cost you $300 for that jacket.”

Hunting has gotten expensive, or at least more expensive. (But what hasn’t . . .) Our favorite pastime tradition has gone from Sears Toughskins to the latest and greatest fabrics construction that will darn near guarantee a 300-inch mule deer.  Okay, a tad of a stretch there too, but you get it, right? Why would anyone pay $300 for jacket when you can go to Wal-Mart and get one for $49? Good question . . .

Oh The Irony Of It . . .

“Hunting clothing is getting so expensive, it’s almost ridiculous at how much you have to pay for a jacket and pants now. It’s just insane!”

The irony of the above quote is that it’s from a guy who owns a high-end rifle company. Yep, a company that sells hunting rifles with an average price of $4000 freakin’ dineros? Dang, I can get a hunting rifle WITH a scope at Wal-Mart for $249, why would I pay $4000 for a gun WITHOUT a scope? Good question . . .

Times Are A Changin’

Most people will completely understand the value of something if they’re “into” it. As illustrated above, a guy will completely understand and justify spending $4000 on a rifle, but freaks out over a $300 jacket.

I’m the sexy dude on the left in front of my dad whose hunting gear was what he used during his military days

In defense of most hunters, we are just not “used” to paying much for our hunting clothes. We hunters are a thrifty bunch. Heck, we even hunt for our own food. How much more thrifty can a person get?

The Eyes Of An Eagle

My first pair of binoculars were a pair of Bushnell’s that I bought at Kmart for $18. My current binos I sling around my neck are the Swarovski EL 10×50 that cost over $2700. So how did I go from $18 to $2700?

I didn’t go from $18 to $2700 overnight. In fact, I slowing crept up the bino ladder and kept buying more and more expensive binoculars. I remember spending $250 on a pair of nice Nikons. I thought I was losing my mind by spending that kind of money on optics. One day, while hunting with a friend who had a pair of “those” kind of binos, he spotted some deer and proceeded to give me directions of where the deer were. I could not see them. I thought of myself as a pretty good deer spotter at the time, but for some reason I could not see anything.

He took off his binoculars from around his neck and handed them to me and said,

“Look through something you can see with”.
I slowly moved off my $250 binos from my eyes. I pulled these amazing binoculars up to my eyes. Well, the best way to explain it, was going from a TV with rabbit ears on the top to the latest HD TV. Yes, I spotted the deer quite easily using his expensive binoculars.

Houston, We Have Lift Off!

Does this mean you have to mortgage the house just to go hunting? Of course not, plenty of people hunt every year in jeans, a t-shirt and a $250 gun, and bring home the venison. However, that is not the rule as much as choice or circumstance. There is no shame in wearing the cheapest hunting gear on the market. But there is also no need to chastise and slam others that make the choice to invest in good solid gear.

A guy (or a girl) will drive up to hunting camp in his $70k Duramax truck, pulling his $40k camper trailer, with another trailer behind it carrying a $22k RZR 1000. Inside the trailer holds his hunting gear, which consist of his $1800 bow or his $4000 gun, his $2500 pair of optics and his $2800 spotting scope. Then he heads out and checks on his multiple $100 trail cameras and checks in on his buddies on his $700 smartphone.

But, you can also drive to camp in a $600 1972 Ford F250 and hunt in a pair of $18 jeans from Costco. The great thing is we have choices and in today’s world we have an incredible amount of choices. So when a guy decides to spend $1500 on a complete set of top-of-the-line hunting apparel, instead of $100, it’s simply a choice.

Good ol’ hunting camp.  Wearing the standard clothing of the day;  Cotton jeans and a cotton shirt.  I think I was always wet

Next time you are at a full blown sporting goods store, not just a hunting store, but also one that carries clothing for all types of sports, go take a look at how much their apparel is. See the cost of a snowboard jacket lately? Backpacking rainwear? You don’t have to look far before you realize that maybe the hunting industry was just stuck in dial-up-mode (if you don’t know what dial-up-mode- is . . . never mind) for too long.

We’ll Do Our Part, You Do Yours

We make apparel and gear for the serious hunter. We are not trying to get into a price war with anyone. We have one simple goal and that is to make the very best hunting gear and make it available to you, the hunter. We will continually evolve and always be on the lookout for better materials and innovations to keep you hunting at the peak of your ability.

Why do we do this? Because the rut only comes around once a year and we have no intention of being a satellite bull on the mountain. . .