2017 Monster Camo Bino Harness System

I am pleased to announce the release of our new Bino Harness system! After years of development and harsh testing, we have finally narrowed our sights on, what we believe, the finest binocular harness carrier system on the market.

Our main goal in designing and building this system, was for it to be comfortable, functional, and tough; including features only serious hunters would appreciate. For many people, a simple strap around the neck will suffice. For others who seem to have optics wherever they go, this new system will be one of their most valued products.

TRX250 Bino Harness System by Monster Camo

From where the prototype started and where it ended came different products. After many miles and hours of testing, good ideas turned into bad ideas. Many designs were scrapped, thrown out and flat-out stomped on. Our field team demonstrated persistence and dedication to ensure the finest system. With that commitment, we have created something special.

Let the Testing Begin!

Here at Monster, off-road is everything. We have tested these units while driving down the road less traveled, while riding horses in unforgiving terrain braving an all day rainstorm. We have tested these units at warp-speed behind the wheel of our Monster Camo side-by-side. Dust, rain, snow, and heat, were our elements for testing.

If you don’t like to look like this, you would never enjoy our testing process

Some items might seem familiar and others won’t. After testing every clasp, connection, and system, we opted for a strong, one-handed snap buckle. Why not use a magnetic or elastic rubber closure? The magnetic close is nice, but it didn’t pass our parlous off-road testing. The connection never gave us that “secure” feeling while navigating tough terrain. The elastic stretch closure was functional as well. However, it too couldn’t withstand our abuse. The elastic had issues of stretch, caught on items and the connection hook also witnessed failure.

Attaching Accessories Fast

We needed a way to bring our accessories along for the off-road ride. Where do I put my range finder? Where do I put my extra large phone? Where do I put my GPS? What about certain game calls that is too big to slide into a side zipper pouch? We tested every form available and even came up with some pretty stupid ideas along the way. We needed something strong and not too intrusive. We didn’t want a backpack on our front . . . we still needed to be able to handle a gun and bow without compromise.

We ventured out on many soggy days to test these units

Our Unique Molle System

Our unique Molle system is simple and allows for expandability. With easy-to-attach-and-remove accessory pouches that fit right on either side of the main bino harness system, you can mount up to two accessory pouches for items such as range finders, cell phones, game calls, etc. Easy removal and attaching can be done in seconds.

The strap system was also a concern. We needed something that wouldn’t dig into our shoulders over time or have so much padding that it made wearing it uncomfortable when toting a gun or backpack. We wanted minimal back surface area to keep down heat and sweat. We succeeded in this zone. Our shoulder strap is made from a tough nylon webbing with a rubberized type coating to help with slippage and comfort. The rear panel, where the straps come together and form the neutral support area, was kept to a minimum, yet allows for superb weight transfer control.

A strong one handed buckle system will keep your investment secure and protected

Keep The Crap Out!

One thing we found when testing our TRX system, while riding wheelers, was dust control. We needed something that would prevent dust and mud in your face. Our full cover shield will protect your investment nicely and keep things dry during those unexpected and consistent rain showers, if hunting in Alaska and Canada.

We even provide a built-in lens cloth. Maybe not a big deal to some, but it can be priceless while stalking and finding your lens needs a cleaning. Instead of grabbing your shirtsleeve, which can scratch your lens, simply pull out our microfiber lens cloth to wipe it down.

Designed For Roof Prism Optics

There are a total of four zipper pouches to put items in. This creates a quick and easy access for things such as game diaphragms, licenses, maps, matches, candy bars, etc. All are at your fingertips.

The bino system will be available in two sizes, the TRX125, which will fit smaller roof prism binoculars, and the TRX250, which will fit the larger roof prism models.