The Modern Day Mountain Man Season 3 Part 1

Produced By: Billy Molls Adventure
Running Time: 103 min
Year: 2010
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I am proud to present Season 3 of The Modern Day Mountain Man! I am confident that this is my best video to date! I spent over 2 months in the “bush” in this, my 13th season as an Alaskan guide.

As usual, it was cold. 150 miles above the Arctic Circle in the Brooks Range, but this year was exceptionally frigid and snowy. However, my clients were very successful in their quest for Dall sheep, caribou, and grizzly. Next, I hopped in a canoe in central Alaska for 2 moose hunts. Time spent in moose country is always a great experience.

Finally, I found myself in GIANT brown bear country. I have never seen SO MANY BEARS in all my years of guiding. . . For those who have been fortunate enough to have hunted or spent time in Alaska’s wilds, I hope this brings you back. For those who haven’t, I sincerely hope this video gives you a taste of what hunting in North America’s Last Frontier is all about.