Wild Mountain Big Horn Rams

Produced By: Shawn Labrum
Running Time: 69 min
Year: 2000’s
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Come along with longtime sheep guide Shawn Labrum as he guides three years of the Utah Governs Tag holders Billy Dunbar (AK) and Sandy Mc-Neil (NC) as they harvest 170 to 180 B & C rams. Also follow Shawn and his brother as they take two of the largest rams ever harvested on film in Utah, a 168 3/8” Desert and a 186 2/8” Rocky. Both of these rams net number two B & C. Steve Shivey also takes a desert ram with a pistol, 14 year old Mark Trask harvesting a great 175 ram plus other hunts along with lots of great footage of live rams. Nine on camera kill shots and have been guiding sheep hunters for over fifteen years. Wild Mountain Outfitters operates with special use permits issued by the BLM and the national Forest Service, along with several private landowners.