Crazy Stupid World

14 Years of Putting In. That’s like a billion kid years . . .

After 14 years of applying for a limited draw deer tag in Utah, I finally beat the odds and had a tag in my hand for 2016. The Utah Game and Fish Dept. are really good to us hunters. I mean they give us an entire week to hunt! (Insert complete sarcasm)

Opening day gave me some high hopes. I started seeing several good bucks in the first few hours, but after a few days, all the bucks started to look the same. They were all nice bucks but they seemed to all be the same width, frame type and points per side. So why would I complain about seeing so many four-point bucks, (10 pointers if I were talking in whitetail country), on so many days?

Big Country. All ya gotta do now is find a needle in the haystack

Utah is home to some of the largest mule deer on earth. This unit has produced some bruisers in the past. But it took 14 years to draw this unit and I was really hoping for something more than just a “good” four-point. (Queue sad music and teary eyes . . .)

I drew this same unit 10 years ago for elk and had the time of my life. Packing in on horses for a week was a dream. I was hunting for a huge elk, not a “good” elk. This unit seemed to be overrun with 320 class bulls. Did I mention that there were a lot of them? And, I’m complaining? Not really. Let me explain.

Why Not Shoot The First One You See On Day One?

The first few bulls you see, regardless of size, gets you excited. After a few days of seeing much of the same thing, when you are actively pursuing something better, it does seem to turn the excitement down a notch. I was looking for something spectacular, something breathtaking, and something that would be worthy to put in my own calendar for once . . . ya, right . . .

Packing out in paradise 10 years ago

I’ll See Your 12 Pointer and Raise That To A 16 Pointer

We live in a crazy stupid world where everything is at our fingertips. If I send someone a picture of a huge buck, chances are they will send one right back to me that is bigger. I wrote in my last blog post about being desensitized to all these awesome trophies. Could I be desensitized to what I was seeing in the field? Were my expectations exceeding what was reality? I’ve held and photographed the largest bucks and bulls in the world. I mean literally, the biggest in the world. I’m not just saying big, I’m meaning all those actual world record bucks and bulls. Did this cloud my vision?

Did My Luck Just Change?

Nope and noper. I appreciate and love wildlife just as much as the next guy. I also know that my odds of killing one of these giants is greater than me waking up a looking like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. This means I get excited when I see any wildlife roaming around.

So why all the tears when I counted over 100 bucks in 5 days of hunting? Because I was looking for something special. I wasn’t interested in a “knock-off” buck, or a “look-a-like” buck or a “carbon copy” buck. In plain English, they all looked the same! What set each one a part? Out of the 100 or so bucks I saw, at least 40 were 4×4 bucks in the 22-24 inch wide range. Basically, they were all good ones. Not anything “bad”, but nothing “awesome” either. I wanted something that would get my attention. But, this is a difficult thing to find, even in the hunting industry.

This is the kind of buck we all look for, and rarely find

Where Are They All Coming From?

The hunting industry, like any other industry, is always looking for ways to get people’s attention. In the past few years, we have seen an explosion of new companies making their way into the hunting industry with their new lines of camouflage clothing. In fact, 2015-2016 has to go down as the years the “new camo” came to town.

Many of the established companies were tired of looking like everyone else with their “licensed” camo patterns and decided it was time to make their own so they could “stand out” from the crowd. The other half decided to make similar patterns from what appeared to be successful patterns. The problem is, no one got the memo that there would be so many companies diving into the pool together.

Who is who and what is what?

What we have now is a market full of the buck I was describing above. They are all “good ones”, but all seem to look and be the same as the next guy. How do you decide which one is a shooter? Of course, that is only up to the shooter and if he or she is happy with it. If so, take the shot.

But what about people who are looking for something special in a crowded field? This is why we created Monster Camo. We had absolutely no interest in creating another “good buck” hunting line of products. We knew that we had to create something spectacular. Something that stands out from the crowd. Something that people would be proud to wear year round. Something that made the hair on the back of your neck stand on edge when you saw it. Something that confirms to you, once again, why you love hunting.

If we didn’t stand out, we would just blend in with the crowd

We are Monster Camo, true Off Road Hunting Gear. We are the unique company that wants you to stand out from the crowd and not blend in.

Hold out for the right one, you will be glad you did.

After passing up tons of bucks, author took this buck, which was the biggest he saw during the hunt

The End.

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