Do Hunters Really Need Camouflage?

Let’s get that deep question answered right now. NO! Neither you, nor anyone else on the planet needs any kind of camouflage or fancy hunting gear to go hunting.

In fact, I’m sure there have been more deer taken by folks wearing jeans and a t-shirt than any fancy high-tootin’ hunting clothes.

Proof that regular everyday clothes will work for deer hunting

Okay, so that timeless question has been answered.

We can move on, right?

Remember now, this is coming from a man who has created hunting gear since the late 90s. Someone who has done nothing but eat and sleep the outdoors. So I guess this is what they call an oxymoron? The pot calling the kettle black?

Uniform?  That Sounds So . . . Military

Let’s talk about having the right uniform for hunting and why it matters.

Uniform? Yea, that’s right, UNIFORM! (Sounds kinda official now doesn’t it?)

Anyone remember shirts and skins? I know there is probably some law now preventing this “distasteful” act of kids playing. Yet there was an actual time when we didn’t all have matching uniforms.  So we improvised.

Nothing better than a good ol’ shirt and skins game.  

Some of us had to wear shirts. The rest had to take it off and show nothing but naked skin! Lots of bird-chests in middle school. And I was always down to be one of the skins.

I’m here today to tell you that you can play any sport, hike any mountain, ride any motorcycle, or dance on any floor with basically the same outfit.

Who needs some expensive rain gear when a perfectly good garbage bag will suffice?

Back In The Day Story Again?

Back in the day, we had one pair of shoes. They were our basketball, football, and baseball shoes at the park. Sure, we had cleats (hand-me-downs). I wasn’t like abused or neglected . . . geesh.

At least the guy saved some money on his pole . . .

However, we did have limits and guidelines. If you wanted to play basketball in the gym, you better not be wearing jeans. That was for outside b-ball. If you played baseball on the baseball diamond, you better be wearing cleats. No way Jose could you just walk on the diamond with tenny runners.

Same with football. No “regular” shoes allowed when we got serious.

Yea, you could wear whatever you wanted during recess and in your backyard. Not when things went next level though.

This guy proves that you don’t even need ski gear to snowboard your way down the mountain

We Live In Modern Times

Time warp to today and it’s a different era. We are specialized in what we wear and what gear we use. Things have to match. Apparel has to look good. The most crucial part though? They must perform beyond anything we can imagine.

We expect it.

Conversation With A Cowboy

I remember one time talking to an old cowboy sitting on his horse on a mountain trail. He was wearing the complete cowboy ensemble with spurs, chaps, and the 10-gallon hat. Everything was leather. He looked natural for what he was doing.

Don’t ever mess with a cowboys attire

For some reason though, this cowboy was making fun of us wearing camouflage. I think a tiny tear came to my eye. . .

I explained to him that to a hunter, their gear is every bit as important as his horse riding gear. I asked him how he would feel up on that nice horse of his, wearing tennis shoes and slacks and no hat. He didn’t seem to like that vision of himself in that attire.

You can see how embarrassed the horse is with this city slicker on its back

It’s The Uniform Folks

Horse riders have it. Football players have it. Snowboarders have it, and the list goes on forever. That’s why we wear what we wear.

Just as the latest basketball jersey materials allow the best possible movement and breathability, so does our hunting gear.

Having the right gear really makes a difference when in pursuit

It’s why we incorporated technologies like Blood-Tex™ into our gear.

It’s why we put Scent-Tex™ into our gear.

It’s why our gear wicks away water unlike anything you’ve seen before.

It’s why we spend years testing products before releasing them to the public.

Hunting is our life. We will continue to innovate and create the most elite hunting gear on this planet. We don’t expect everyone to “get it.” Heck, I don’t “get” most things, but I do get hunting gear.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to dust off my original Air Jordan’s and find my Sony Walkman. I’m about to crank some Van Halen as I crush my youngest son on the basketball court.

Might even go shirtless…..

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