TRX Bino Camo camouflage Harness System with rip stop fabric, inner padding, lens cloth, rain shield, and easy access.

TRX Bino Harness System

Designed and tested in the Rocky Mountains, the TRX series bino systems are 100% PRO grade, for the demanding hunter and outdoorsman. Includes features that only a true off road hunter would appreciate. Tough rip stop fabric with inner padding allows a tough skin and protection for your optics. Secure your investment with our solid buckle latching system for confidence when riding horses, atv’s or just being aggressive when chasing game. Complete comfort for all day wearing and strong enough to last season after season. Available in two sizes. Comes with rain shield and lens cloth.


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How Does It Compare?

The TRX PRO series bino system is one-of-a-kind. Throwing away the traditional models and functions, we set out to build something that would be able to withstand the riggers of off road hunting. We don't have any magnetic latches to come undone and risk losing your optics. We have a solid, single release buckle system, that gives you 100% secure closure. Very low profile so you don't feel like you are wearing a pack on the front of your chest. Sleek and comfortable harness system which is fully adjustable. Built-in rain shield and optic cloth.

A-Team Member, Paul Cook, Quick Take

The Monster Camo Bino Harness is the most important tool I have as an avid hunter and outdoorsman. I rely on my tools to help me navigate the terrain, locating & ranging big game. I now have all my necessary tools in one location from my range finder to my binoculars, cell phone & my walkie talkie. Until Monster Camo I had to carry multiple items in multiple pockets which was a nuisance and the main reason why my Bino Harness is a MUST. Having tools like this is what makes me a more efficient and successful hunter.

Fabric is made from a very strong Polyester/Taslon blend with ripstop grid for incredible strength in a lightweight material.

Includes a built-in water proof rain cover. When things start to get wet or dusty, simply pull up and over for 100% protection.

Includes a soft micro fiber optic cloth that is always there when you need to wipe off the moisture, dust or anything else that comes in contact with your lenses.

Two very large zippered pouches for stowing game calls, tags, phones, or anything else you want to keep close and handy.

Quick connect security straps allow you to let the optics hang for short periods of time when optics are in heavy use. Quick release allows easy sharing.

The most secure closure system in the industry. Never worry again about losing your optics when things get a little rough off road.

Blood-Tex™, our exclusive stain resistant coating keeps the blood stains from penetrating your shirt and then washes off your clothes in the wash.

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No more sprays. No more charcoal charging. No more heavy attire. Stays within your gear wash after wash. Stay out longer stink free.

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