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Robert King's Monster Camo camouflage giant mule deer "The good the bad and the ugly" authentic print.
$19.00 – $75.00

The Good The Bad and The Ugly Print

One of our best selling prints, this image depicts the ultimate in dream shots. This isn’t just a picture of three giant bucks, but an image that features the very largest in each scoring class.  The Broder buck on the left is the world record non-typical. The Burris buck on the right is the largest typical ever and the middle buck is the Perkins buck, the largest “cactus” buck ever taken. One bullet, one tag, which one?  Created by Robert King.

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  • High quality poster/print paper
  • Print size: 36 x 11 3/4″
  • Frame outside measurement: 38 1/4″ x 14 “
  • Styrene Front
  • Color: Black
  • Plastic extruded construction
  • Hanging Clip on back
  • Created: 2007
  • By: Robert King