Monster Lanyard

Securely attach your rangefinder, phone, gps, camera or anything else that you can fit into our MX series pouches.  Available in two different lengths, the small expands from 4-21 inches and the large expands from 7-37 inches. Connects to each side of our TRX bino harness systems and to be used with our MX series pouches.


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How Does It Compare?

If you are going to head off road with an investment of optics, rangefinders, GPS units etc, it's a good idea to make sure everything stays connected with this simple, inexpensive lanyard, that quickly gives you the added comfort of connecting one end to your rangefinder and the other to the TRX Bino Harness system. That way if you go sideways, your gear won't. The difference between the two are only in size. The small size reaches 4-21 inches whereas the large reaches out between 7-37 inches.