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Robert King's Monster Camo camouflage mule deer "Magnificent Seven" authentic recreation print.
$19.00 – $75.00

The Magnificent Seven Mule Deer Print

Back in 1996, Robert King created what fast became the most sought after picture in the hunting industry, The Magnificent Seven. The concept of this picture started between Robert King and a friend at a deer show, looking at a wall of big bucks and asking each other, “which one would you shoot?” Taking seven of the biggest mule deer bucks in the world only intensified that debate. Which one would you shoot? This print has sold over 43,000 copies since its creation back in 1996.

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  • High quality poster/print paper
  • Print size: 36 x 11 3/4″
  • Frame outside measurement: 38 1/4″ x 14 “
  • Styrene Front
  • Color: Black
  • Plastic extruded construction
  • Hanging Clip on back
  • Created: 1996
  • By: Robert King