MX Series Bino Holder Pouches

MX Bino Harness Pouch

If you have a iPhone or Android phone, or a rangefinder or GPS unit while hunting, there is no better location for these electronic devices than right at your fingertips. Available in three different sizes to accommodate most devices. Snap plastic front connection ensures a safe and easy accessibility. Snap connection on our ladder or molle system that comes standard on our TRX Bino Harness series. Includes plastic top ring if you want to double the security connection with one of our lanyards.


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How Does It Compare?

The MX series pouches stand out from everything out there in a couple of obvious ways. One, our clasping/buckle system insures you won't be losing your gear that is inside when you decide to get a little off road. Two, our unique connection system allows you to easily slide on and off these pouches to either or both sides of our TRX bino system with our unique molle strap system. You see, our pouches were not an after thought to our bino system, they were built at the same time to ensure seamless connections. No need to remove any of these pouches off your bino harness system when the days over, it stays connected to your bino system, not to the straps or belt.