Rubicon Size Chart

(1) Calf Circumference

Measure around the fullest part of the calf part of your leg.

(2) Overall Height

Measure from about 1 inch from bottom of boot up towards knee.  

USA SIZE -Inches12
L1717 1/2
XL2117 1/2

Robert King's Monster Camo camouflage waterproof lightweight Hunting Rubicon Gaiter

Rubicon Off Road Waterproof Gaiters

The Rubicon is a gaiter built for the tough off road conditions that serious hunters are known for. Perfect for those moisture ridden days or trekking through tough brush where protection is a must.  Created with a light ripstop fabric on the top and a super tough double layer denier on the bottom half where the most abuse is going to take place.  Waterproof protection is provided by our Storm-Tex™ membrane, a YKK™ waterproof zipper for complete closure, a velcro connection for overlap protection in the zipper area. Upper cinch strap and buckle to keep tight around your legs, a reinforced bottom boot strap and a shoelace latch for added security and protection. Our gaiters also are protected with our exclusive Blood-Tex™ to keep the blood and gunk off.

Size Chart

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How Does It Compare?

We upped the bar on the Rubicon Gaiters. Part of our PRO series, we know that when you go off road, the trail isn't always nice. The Rubicon's give you the protection and comfort for wearing all day. What sets us apart is the quality, quality, quality. These will last, trip after trip, without fail. Waterproof with our superior Storm-Tex™, stain proof with our Blood-Tex™ and even has Scent-Tex™ to help aid your fight against bacteria. Waterproof YKK™ zipper and extra wide velcro to keep the Rubicon's closed and water and debris out.

A-Team Member, Ryan Stewart, Quick Take

The Rubicon Gaiter is an essential piece of gear while in the backcountry! I wear them while bush-whacking my way through the thickest of scrub oak, crossing small streams, in snow, rain, mud, etc. They provide extra protection, and keeps the moisture, rocks, and sand out of my boots. I use them year-round. In the winter and spring, they provide extra insulation for my lower legs. They are durable, waterproof, & can take all the abuse I throw at them!

Fabric is a key element in making a good gaiter. The Rubicon has a blend of fabrics that enable pure comfort and durability.

Upper is crafted from a super tough, light weight, rip stop polyester fabric that does not bunch up or cause discomfort in full movement.

Lower is crafted with a heavy duty polyester denier oxford fabric with a super tough PU X 2 coating which is virtually impossible to destroy.

Robert King's Monster Camo camouflage waterproof hunting Rubicon Gaiters

Upper cinch webbing strap along with a fold over clasp buckle to snug up and secure the top portion of the gaiter with lace clasp.

Front closure is important and the Rubicon has a water proof zipper and a wide velcro flap to keep things out and dry.

Waterproof is a must and our Storm-Tex™ membrane keeps that water out so you can concentrate on going off road without worries.

Blood-Tex™, our exclusive stain resistant coating keeps the blood stains from penetrating your shirt and then washes off your clothes in the wash.

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The only membrane crafted for the abuse of off road hunting. Stay dry, let moisture escape, stay comfortable. These are the qualities of Storm-Tex™.

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