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3611 3/438 1/414

Robert King's Monster Camo Camouflage "Triple Threat" Authentic Whitetail Print
$19.00 – $75.00

Triple Threat Whitetail Print

What do you do when three giant whitetail bucks break cover all at the same time and you only have a split second to choose which one? Which one would you shoot? These three bucks are what every hunters dreams are made of. Do you go for the big heavy one in the middle, or the double drop at the back, or the big frame, single drop in the front? Hang this on your wall and you will have people talking about these questions over and over.

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  • High quality poster/print paper
  • Print size: 36 x 11 3/4″
  • Frame outside measurement: 38 1/4″ x 14 “
  • Styrene Front
  • Color: Black
  • Plastic extruded construction
  • Hanging Clip on back
  • Created: 2007
  • By: Robert King