If you intend hunting off road, then your gear better be tough enough to handle the challenges of the terrain.


Mother Nature is full of surprises and she seems to unleash during the hunting season. She can put misery into your day real quick.


It's part of our name for a reason; to never settle for what may appear to be good enough today. Break new ground for hunters needs.


Each one of our products has a unique mix of Polyester and Elastane to create the perfect blend of comfort and durability.


If you want a quality hunt, to hunt after a quality animal, you must use quality gear with the infusion of the correct technology.


What good is superior technology if we don't back it up?  If you don't feel we have incorporated the very best technology, we'll refund your money. Simple as that.

Be A Man, Get Bloody

Your clothing and gear will look newer longer with the only blood fighting protection for today's off road hunter

Odorless Scent Free

Won’t Effect Coloration

Does Not Ever Wash Out

Same Hand Feel of Fabric

Does Not Effect Moisture Vapor Transfer

Blood Washes Out During Normal Washing Cycle

Rain, Snow and Wind? Who Cares . ..

Hunting doesn't always fall on nice sunny days, in fact, hunting can be at its best when the weather turns on you. You need protection. You need durability. You need Storm-Tex™, the most advanced weather proof membrane on planet earth.

Time Spent In a Rainstorm Without Getting Wet

The Competition

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Nothing Short Of A Miracle

Your apparel is not "hunt ready" if it is not protected against those blasts of rain that can hit at anytime, or those drizzly showers that aren't quite enough for rain gear but still get you wet. Our water wicking on all of our gear is 2nd to none, and we literally mean that!

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Get Closer to Game Than Ever Before

No more sprays. No more charcoal charging. No more heavy attire. Stays within your gear wash after wash, hunt after hunt, without ever worrying about getting close to game again. The Scent-Tex™ antimicrobial technology ensures that unpleasant odors can't occur in our fabrics because bacteria won't form or grow in the first place.

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Bend. Stretch. Move With Ease

If you are serious about off road hunting, having the agility of free movement built right into your gear is hard to put a price tag on. Bending, twisting, hiking, climbing . . . we all do it and do a lot of it. Tex-Flex™ is just one more "add-on" we include standard in most of our apparel. Once you experience the freedom and comfort of Tex-Flex, you will never use anything else.

Cool Down, Dry Quickly, Smell Fresher Longer

When is a shirt fabric not just another shirt fabric? When it is created with Air-Flo™ technology, that's when. Hunters can and will exert as much energy as any sport in the world when pursuing game. We have developed a fabric that allows you to be covered and protected, but breath and stay dry as if you weren't wearing any shirt at all.

Warmest to Weight Ratio, Stays Warm When Wet, Does Not Pile

Climashield® insulation lasts throughout the lifetime of the product - it’s what we call durable warmth. No matter how many times the garment is stretched, compressed or washed, our insulation is resilient under harsh conditions, holding its original shape after multiple uses or launderings.

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Continuous Filament

As the only major manufacturer of lightweight continuous filament insulation in the world, Climashield® is the extremely durable, lightweight, thermally efficient and compressible.

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AquaBan® is a proprietary surface encapsulation treatment designed to minimize the impact of moisture on warmth while enhancing moisture transport out and away from the body. This technology ensures warmth in wet and humid conditions.

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